Metal HPL is a range of laminates with a sheet of real aluminum on the surface.
The metal sheets are very thin, just 0.1 or 0.4 mm, so that they can be processed using standard machinery for use with wood.
The aluminum is protected via anodisation (items A000, A008, A009) or by a layer of epoxy lacquer (items 7135, 7777).
All these decorative elements are suitable for vertical use only, due to their lack of resistance to scratches, scuffs and chemicals.
Aluminum is very delicate and hot objects or adhesive tapes could ruin the surface.
The appearance of Metal HPL changes when it is rotated by 90 or 180°.Metal HPL can be cleaned with a soft cloth and with soap and water, avoiding the use of solvents which could damage the surface.
Metal HPL sheets must be bonded with cold or rather low temperature.

Size3050x1250 mm
Thickness1,2 mm
Size 3050x1300 mm
Thickness0,9 mm