SoHo is a new SM’art project which has been developed with the clear aim to create a very classic line of melamine surfaces with the aid of new technologies and esthetic solutions.
SoHo is a planked oak with half cathedrals, very elegant and interpreted in a very modern synchronized key.
The background of the design is quite homogeneous, while the pore is very net and with a big contrast.
The surface finish is smooth in the background and very deep and matt on the synchronized pore, creating an astonishing real effect .
SoHo is quite different from all the other synchronized designs available in the market, rustic and extreme.

MFCSize3050x2070 mm
Thickness8 mm
19 mm
25 mm
HPLSize3050x2050 mm
Thickness1,0 mm
ABS hranyWidth23 mm
30 mm
Thickness0,9 m
Length100 lm